Danger Designs is currently focused on providing high-quality custom corsetry commissions in the New England area. 
All Commissions begin with a design and measurement consultation. We will sketch and discuss design possibilities, fabrics, and record all necessary measurements to accommodate agreed upon design ($25 consultation deposit upon scheduling...subtracted from final corset price)
After the initial consultation, the drafting process will begin. This can take up to 2.5 weeks depending on design complexity. 
Once the first draft is complete, we will meet for the first fitting to make any necessary tweaks/desired changes to the pattern. All commissions will include at least 1 fitting corset at no cost to you! If necessary, the fitting process will be repeated until the pattern is perfected.
Upon the completion of your garment we will meet for a final fitting where you will be trained on how to properly lace up, wear, and care for your new second skin to maximize its lifetime.
Pricing varies depending on size, shape, design, and fabric. We can work with almost any budget; payment plans available!

All Corset orders begin with a 14 panel pattern; Number of panels will vary depending on size and may alter the final price.
Standard Waspie: $100 
     - Closed front, unlined
     + busk $35
     + Lining $50
      - Bundle for $175
Standard Underbust: $225
        - closed front, unlined
       + busk $45
       + Lining $100
       - Bundle for $345
Standard overbust: $275
        - closed front, unlined
       + busk $50
       + Lining $125
       - Bundle for $425

        - Based on above pricing. Final price will be agreed upon at the conclusion of the consultation

Since January 2018, I have wholly dedicated my career to perfecting the art of corsetry through countless hours of experimentation, exploration, and innovation. It is my assurance as head designer/seamstress at Danger Designs that your garment will cary over those same meticulous standards.

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